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Navigating Life with Heart, Humor, and Authenticity

Our Shared Adventure to Coaching for ADHD

Hello beautiful souls

You might know us from the vibrant world of ADHD coaching, or maybe you've heard about the couple with the expressive dog. Either way, I'm glad you're here. My journey with Barry has been full of surprises – a mix of laughter, growth, and yes, even those 'what on earth were we thinking?' moments. But it's all part of our story, the one we're here to share with you.

ADHD Expert

Meet Barry

He's the science to my intuition and the structure to my spontaneity.

We strike for a balance that not only teaches but also touches lives deeply. He brings a depth of knowledge and an infectious passion for understanding ADHD on every level.

Together, we’re like two peas in a neurodiverse pod, balancing each other’s energies with a harmony that sings to the tune of ADHD life.

ADHD Expert

Strap in, friends... I'm Tarah

Guiding you through the ADHD world with more laughter and less predictability

Here’s the scoop: Barry’s the Sherlock to my Watson, digging up the facts while I spin them into confetti. We don’t do bland; we do brilliant splashes of life in full colour. 

Together, we’re like peanut butter and jelly—perfectly mismatched for maximum yum. So, if you’re up for real talk with a side of giggles and “sorry, what?”, welcome home!

We're flipping the script on ADHD support

Forget the same old advice; we're all about sparking joy, fueling connections, and rocking the boat with tools that actually make a difference. Dive into a place where your unique self isn't just celebrated—it's the star of the show. Together, let's tear down old cycles and craft a world brimming with acceptance and badass belonging.

Ready to join this epic ride?

"Sorry, What?" Podcast

We’re not here to tell you that ADHD is your superpower. But we are here to help you understand yourself, feel seen, and offer real, transformative strategies to work with your ADHD, rather than against it.