Tarah Elizabeth ADHD Coaching Course

ADHD in a Relationship Program

You, Me &


A step-by-step 7-week program for ADHDers in romantic relationships who are ready to learn about their ADHD and build a happy, healthy and supportive relationship.

Having ADHD in a relationship doesn’t have to be a hurdle.

When you and your partner learn how to work  with your ADHD rather than against it, you can focus less on what isnt working, and more on what is working.

ADHD can be a part of you that is not only understood and accepted but is also celebrated.

Get ready for what is to come!

You, Me and ADHD is the only  program of its kind that combines specific information related to ADHD and your relationship while giving you actionable strategies to implement what you have learned.

I’ve put together everything you need to learn, collaborate, and master to navigate ADHD in a relationship.

7 modules worth of on-demand video modules so you can learn at your own pace, pause to take notes, and rewatch lessons when you need a refresher.

3 month access to, LIVE Q&A sessions with Tarah to dive deeper into the topics and ask questions specific to your experience.

Follow-along workbook & activities to help you master the material and work on exercises with your partner.
3 month access to Skool community with like-minded individuals you can relate to and reflect with.
3 month access to weekly couples tips to spark meaningful interaction and growth.
Get access to our ADHD-friendly journal prompts, worksheets, and planners designed to empower ADHDers with clarity and confidence every day.

All while building a deeper and more empathic relationship with your partner 🙏

Ready to make the sparks fly again?

See you inside of You, Me, & ADHD.

Success stories from 
our students...


“It’s like something just clicked with my Husband lol! He’s been more helpful and patient with me… Him actually putting into practice the few things that were covered in the first module showed me he does care!”


The thing I loved most about ADHD in a relationship program is the conflict resolution and other communications strategies provided, and the bubbly energy from Tarah and Barry.


These teachings have impacted us a lot, we already feel closer. We’ve been communicating way more about what we both like and don’t like and my partner really loved being educated about everything during those modules


This relationship with ADHD course increased mine and my partners intimacy. My hubby has more of an open mind to ADHD now and I understand my own ADHD much more now

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