Thriving with ADHD


ADHD & Intimacy

Comin’ at ya today with a little bit of a spicy edition to the tips…. 

We know that ADHD can affect our relationships in a broader sense but have you considered how it has an affect on your spicy life?

There may be things that are or are not happening in the bedroom that you feel you can’t speak to someone about, have a hard time communicating to your partner or feel a little alone with.

So today I want to touch on “7 ways ADHD can impact your sex and intimacy” 

  • You can get bored of sex (or hyperfocus on it)
  • You libido can go from 0-100-0 regularly
  • You can get distracted during sex (which can cause you to take a long time to climax)
  • You struggle to focus and be in the moment because your mind is racing 
  • You get sensory overload during the deed 
  • You get distracted by the texture of the sheets, your clothes or theirs 
  • Your rejection sensitivity can be triggered easily during intimate moments 
  • You change your mind on what you like, leaving your partner guessing 

These are just a few things that you may or may not be experiencing….and this is from a VERY long list that I have identified over the years that myself or the hundreds of clients I have worked with in this space have experienced.

Did any of these resonate with you?

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