Thriving with ADHD


ADHD Key Terms

Have you ever heard the terms Doom Piles, Sensory Processing, ADHD Tax, and Object Blindness?

These are all key terms used within the ADHD world.

When Baz and I met, he had no idea about all of these terms, what they meant and how they affected me. I wish I could say that we quickly realised the importance of Baz understanding them all but it took us a long time….. As I have shared before, Baz and I broke up 3 times in the early days before we really started to understand ourselves and one another and how to best work with my ADHD symptoms together.

I thought in this post I’d share just one of these and how it shows up for me as an ADHDer + once Baz was able to understand it, how he could support me and our relationship did not have to suffer because of it.

Doom Piles …. Here’s a short Tik Tok that we wanted to share to explain more (and cos we love TT and it makes things more fun haha) – HERE

Initially, Baz thought I was just an unorganised mess until he learnt about my Doom Piles! Throughout my house I have lots of baskets – I pile things in there and it may look like a complete mess BUT I know what is in them! And when I have the energy or time, at my own leisure I can sort them out and Baz knows not to touch my baskets!!! Before we learnt this about Doom Piles …. let’s just say there were some disagreements haha!

If you’re in a romantic relationship, it is so important to understand the impact ADHD can have on your relationship. Understanding the key terms used, and what they mean and having a discussion about how you can support one another to manage these is an amazing first step.

I hope this little tip helped!

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