Thriving with ADHD


ADHD & The Importance of Night Time Routine

I wanted to talk a little bit today about the importance of a night time routine when you have ADHD. We all know us ADHERs generally struggle to wind down, calm our brains and relax to be able to get a restful night’s sleep. It’s also very normal to not want a structure and routine (what do you mean I have to act like I am a child again having a set bedtime?)… As mundane as this sounds, our bodies really do function well under a little bit of structure when it comes to sleepy time!

I am not here to tell you to go to bed at 9pm on the dot as LETS BE REAL, even my routine I have created needs to allow flexibility and it’s never perfect – this is why it’s working for me – as I have given myself grace….that sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t (and in those times, I just try again the next day) but just keep consistent where possible. So here’s a few tips (I am not here to share MINE as what works for me won’t for you).

  • A max of 3-5 ‘steps’ 
  • Keep your bedroom as distraction free as possible 
  • Do your best to not throw the routine out the window on the weekends
  • If possible, low or no electronics an hour before bed will do wonders
  • If you are a fidgeter, look into things that might help you to with this (one of our Neurospicy Fam suggests something below) 
  • Lights off at a certain time
  • White noise 

These may all seem rather simple, but when combined, can make a huge difference in getting a restful night’s sleep.

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