Thriving with ADHD


ADHD & The Wall of Trauma

I’ve recently learnt about a concept in the ADHD world / something we come up against and really wanted to share, as perhaps it might help you this week? 

A little context and then I am going to share some bite sized resources for you to soak up in your own time to understand something that is considered “The Wall of Awful”.

Have you ever found yourself approaching / thinking / considering a task and wondered why something that should be considered “easy” – so difficult for you? (I am imagining you virtually raising your hand right now saying YES TARAH, ME! 😜)

I am here to tell you – THERE’S MORE TO THIS! And you are not alone…. Because, same. 

As ADHDers, if there has been a time in your life you have approached a simple task like a phone call and perhaps that call didn’t go quite the way you anticipated? Disappointment brick. Rejection brick. These are emotional bricks that essentially over time, build this emotional “wall” to the task – the wall of awful.

That is explaining this in the simplest of terms, but we thought you may like to listen in a little more detail about this in the below 2 videos. 

We hope these helped!

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