Thriving with ADHD


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Relationships and ADHD

I’m not lucky. It’s an expectation that I have set for myself and my relationship. I understand that a healthy and happy relationship happens when BOTH parties work together as a TEAM.

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Strategy: Body Doubling

You may relate – as an ADHDer I found that tackling tedious (or sometimes even routine tasks like folding a bunch of washing), something that takes me SO long to do. I will easily get distracted, just not do it or forget all together.

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Emotional Regulation

Throughout my years of having ADHD, it’s taken me a hot minute to start to really understand myself, what makes me tick and very simple little things in my day that can help me feel as though I am staying on top of things.

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ADHD & Intimacy

We know that ADHD can affect our relationships in a broader sense but have you considered how it has an affect on your spicy life?

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