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Daily Check-in Journal

for ADHD Couples

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Unlock better communication and stronger connection with our ADHD Relationship - Daily Check-in Journal. Designed by and for ADHD couples, this journal is your daily tool for starting and ending the day positively, ensuring both partners are aligned and appreciated.

What You’ll Gain:

Increased Appreciation:

By using the partner appreciation prompts, you’ll enhance the warmth and positivity between you and your partner each morning.

Better Communication: 

The morning check-in & expectations help clarify your feelings and plan the day together, reducing misunderstandings and fostering open dialogue.

Sharpened Focus:

Setting the top 3 daily priorities keeps both partners aligned and focused on what’s most important, enhancing productivity and cooperation.

Deeper Connection:

Evening brain-dump & chat provide a space for both partners to share and listen, deepening understanding and empathy after the day’s experiences.

Enhanced Emotional Insight:

The Evening check-in & reflection help both partners understand how ADHD affects their emotions and interactions, leading to greater self-awareness and mutual support.

Strengthened Bond:

Nightly partner appreciation ensures you end each day with positive reinforcement, strengthening your emotional connection and gratitude for each other.

Whether you’re dating someone with ADHD, or you’re struggling to navigate your relationship after your diagnosis —
you’re in the right place.

Success stories from 
our students...


“It’s like something just clicked with my Husband lol! He’s been more helpful and patient with me… Him actually putting into practice the few things that were covered in the first module showed me he does care!”


“The thing I loved most about ADHD in a relationship program is the conflict resolution and other communications strategies provided, and the bubbly energy from Tarah and Barry.”


“These teachings have impacted us a lot, we already feel closer. We’ve been communicating way more about what we both like and don’t like and my partner really loved being educated about everything during those modules.”


“This relationship with ADHD course increased mine and my partners intimacy. My hubby has more of an open mind to ADHD now and I understand my own ADHD much more now.”

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