Thriving with ADHD


Emotional Regulation

Throughout my years of having ADHD, it’s taken me a hot minute to start to really understand myself, what makes me tick and very simple little things in my day that can help me feel as though I am staying on top of things.

Don’t get me wrong….some days, I implement NONE of these little tips and hacks I am sharing with you – that is just reality of having ADHD. Some days we just need to cut ourselves a break and do what we can.

This one is for those who are in a romantic relationship. Today’s share is something that will take a little more time. BUT something very important in our ADHD jourmey. 

ADHDers here are my top 3 tips if you struggle to emotionally regulate and it impacts your relationship:

  • Learn your triggers – what usually leads you to being emotionally dysregulated? 
  • Have a “safe” place – recognise when you are dysregulated and remove yourself and go to that safe place (eg a toilet, backyard, car). Let your partner know about this and why you are going there.
  • Learn to reflect – after you have calmed down and are regulated again take a moment to reflect on the situation and think about what worked and what made it worse!

This is going to look SO different for all of us, but something really important to begin to understand.

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