Thriving with ADHD


More tips on Motivating the ADHD Brain

Have you ever heard the term “eat the frog” when referring to productivity or the way in which you may tackle your day (whether it be work or personal)? 

It refers to essentially tackling what we would refer to as our “most challenging task” of the day first. Eg: need to follow-up something, make that doctor’s appointment, make a phone call? Generally, it’s suggested that you do this first and then you can move on with your day with more ease….

Have you tried this and it hasn’t quite worked for you? You aren’t crazy!!! The “Eating the Frog” tactic doesn’t usually work for ADHDers and here’s why:

We have an interest-based nervous system, so for many of us, this approach usually leaves us in a state of ADHD paralysis, and overwhelmed…

So what can we do instead?

We can: “Eat Dessert First”

Instead of starting with the most challenging task, begin your day with a task that is enjoyable or rewarding — your “dessert.” This task should be something that gets you moving and builds your motivation momentum. It could be something small and manageable that gives you a sense of “I did it”, or an activity that you genuinely like.

How “Eating Dessert First” Works:

✨Engagement: Starting with a task you enjoy can increase your engagement and make it easier to start your day on a positive note.

✨Reward: Completing an enjoyable task first provides an immediate sense of reward, which can be motivating and set a positive tone for the day.

✨Momentum: Once you’ve started and completed your “dessert” task, you’ve built some initial momentum. It’s often easier to keep going and tackle more challenging tasks once you’re already in motion.

HOT Tip: Make It Sweet

Choose your “dessert” task the night before, so you know exactly what you’re looking forward to when you start your day. 

➡️Your Activity

Consider your “dessert” task that helps you build motivation for the day, perhaps share it with your partner, a friend, family member?

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