Our ADHD Coaching Course

Discover empowering strategies for personal growth and thriving relationships with our ADHD courses

You , Me & ADHD

A step-by-step 7-week program for ADHDers

in romantic relationships who are ready to learn about their ADHD and build a happy, healthy and supportive relationship.

With our ADHD Coaching Course we are going to teach you how to do the same in your own relationship!

ADHD Coaching Course
ADHD Coaching Course

ADHD Intimacy Challenge

Reignite the spice in your spicy life.

This is a 7-week program and also ADHD Courses for Adults. ADHDers who are ready to learn about how their ADHD impacts intimacy and sex.

You will reconnect with your partner, reignite the spark and re-create the relationship of your dreams!

Neurospicy Family Membership

The Ultimate ADHD Membership

Join our community of like-minded Neurospicy individuals where you will receive all of the tools and support you need to thrive with your ADHD.

ADHD Coaching Course