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Dive headfirst into the vibrant and sometimes chaotic world of ADHD with us every Monday!

It’s your weekly deep dive into living boldly and loving fully amidst the whirlwind of ADHD. Join our lively discussions for a mix of humour, heartfelt stories, and hands-on tips to navigate life and love with ADHD by your side.

We’re here to cut through the noise, offering you playful banter insightful stories, and actionable advice that truly resonate. 

Let’s explore the ADHD landscape together, transforming challenges into stepping stones for growth and connection. No superpowers needed here – just real talk, real strategies, and a whole lot of understanding.

Who is this for?

Curious Minds:

If you’re eager to explore the depths of ADHD in life and love, our weekly weekly ADHD podcasts are for you.

Better Communication:

The morning check-in & expectations help clarify your feelings and plan the day together, reducing misunderstandings and fostering open dialogue.

Sharpened Focus: 

Setting the top 3 daily priorities keeps both partners aligned and focused on what’s most important, enhancing productivity and cooperation.

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Hear from our listeners

Feeling seen & heard!
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Amazing podcast guys… You are truely helping so many people navigating a challenging time in their lives. Thank you!!
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First ep and already hooked!! Can’t wait for more. Have been following these two on instagram for a while.
Perfect mix of hilariously relatable and educational
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The Tarah and Barry Show is everything you want in a podcast and more. Every single episode is funny and educational. I’ve learnt so many things about myself. Having many aha moments and I now can’t miss an episode
You need this podcast!
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Tarah and Barry are awesome! This is such a great podcast, so informative and helpful and real!! Have learnt so much from this and has really helped us with communication. An absolute must listen podcast!