Thriving with ADHD


Relationships and ADHD

I have heard this over and over again….

“You are so lucky that your partner understands and accepts your ADHD”

I’m not lucky. It’s an expectation that I have set for myself and my relationship. I understand that a healthy and happy relationship happens when BOTH parties work together as a TEAM.

I have attributes and characteristics that are both strengths and challenges. So does Barry. If you are a human being you also have attributes and characteristics, some of which are strengths and some of which are challenges.

Yes ADHD can be a challenge but do you know what else can be a challenge in a relationship:

➡️ Trauma, attachment issues, anxiety, depression, health issues, financial issues, past choices… LITERALLY ANYTHING.

I’m sorry, but if your partner is not willing to understand or learn about your ADHD so that you can both thrive together then the issue isn’t ADHD.

In case that wasn’t clear… You aren’t asking too much ❤️

EVERYONE deserves love and support in their relationship irrespective of ADHD.Clearly I’m passionate about this 👀 🔥

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