Thriving with ADHD


Strategy: Body Doubling

You may relate – as an ADHDer I found that tackling tedious (or sometimes even routine tasks like folding a bunch of washing), something that takes me SO long to do. I will easily get distracted, just not do it or forget all together. 

Have you ever heard of Body Doubling? Body doubling is the practice of completing tasks TOGETHER to stay on track and have someone keep you accountable and is extremely helpful for ADHDers! I thought you might like to see a list of how Baz and I use body doubling to help me tackle routine tasks.

Note: I am using Baz as my ‘body double’ in these instances but of course you can do this with anyone – a family member, friend, housemate etc. If you prefer to find an alternative to doing these types of things by yourself but still keep you accountable, check out the ‘Dubbi’ app!

  • Brushing my teeth (or I can just forget to do it!)
  • Cooking (helps me to not burn so much)
  • Folding washing
  • Eating!! 
  • Going to the gym or any kind of exercise 
  • General cleaning
  • Evening house reset (spend 15 minutes doing a reset and tidy of the house

Do you find you have been doing this without even realising?? 

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