VOOMIE | Supplements for Busy Brains!

VOOMIE | Supplements for Busy Brains!

In this week’s episode we give you ALL the juice behind VOOMIE!

In this episode, you’ll hear:

💜What VOOMIE actually is!

💜How we came up with the name

💜How we came up with the design

💜Shocking things we learnt about the supplement industry

💜 Why we created VOOMIE

💜 What VOOMIE’s mission is

💜 How we came up with VOOMIE’s Tagline is and what it means?

💜 And so much more!

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VOOMIE waitlist 💜

For over twelve months we have been working behind the scenes to bring this to our community and its finally time!

For so much of my life, I have felt as though there was something missing when it came to managing my busy brain. I constantly faced struggles with sleep, energy and focus. Medication came with its own challenges and I wanted something natural without the side effects. Unfortunately, nothing on the market was feeling right.

The supplements available were either designed for gym goers or felt very ‘herbal and would often involve taking multiple doses, multiple times a day. I kept asking Barry ‘Why is there, not an ALL IN ONE product that is also yummy?’ Something that gives me what I need to thrive with my busy brain? And of course… Why is there nothing colourful and pretty to give me the dopamine hit I need?

And so VOOMIE was born.

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